Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Shakedown unique from other wedding bands? If you can, come see The Shakedown at a live performance. You'll get it. We're a (relatively) younger band that plays timeless dance music, meaning we draw heavily from classic soul and r n' b. Also, take a look at our set list. It's not the average wedding band set list, but it's guaranteed to make people dance. We also focus on providing people a unique musical experience that they won't find on the radio or in rock clubs. In addition to vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keys, The Shakedown prominently features dynamic musical lineups with saxophones, trumpet and percussion. 

I like what I see on the Web site. I think I want to book you guys for _______. What should I do next? While we're always prepared to move forward with eager, qualified clients, come see us live! We regularly play out in downtown Raleigh so that clients can get a deeper experience with our music. Seeing The Shakedown is the best way to determine if our dance music will fit into your big event. This will also give you the chance to meet the management (Nash and Dustin) face to face so you can get comfortable with who will be planning the musical side of your event.

The Shakedown isn’t in our price range or is already booked on the date of our event. Any suggestions? As a larger lineup band, we can be out of clients' price ranges. However, The Shakedown is generally available on Fridays to perform for rehearsal dinners for a somewhat reduced rate. If your rehearsal dinner needs to cap off the night with a pre-wedding dance party, let's talk!

My event isn’t near Raleigh. Does The Shakedown Travel? Absolutely. We regularly to events across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. We have also ridden boats to gigs and flown across the country to bring our dance music to clients' events. Need a dance band? The Shakedown will travel.

I’ve got a wide age group attending my event. How will this affect the music The Shakedown plays? We've carefully selected our play list to ensure that we play dance songs that your grandparents, parents, friends, unborn children and pets will love.

Does The Shakedown offer ceremony or cocktail music? Many of the musicians in The Shakedown are talented jazz performers and can spice up for your cocktail hour. We also can discuss arranging music for your wedding ceremony if you absolutely must have live music.

Does The Shakedown emcee or assist with weddings? Hiring a live band is a big decision because it impacts so much of your post-ceremony night. The managers of The Shakedown pride themselves on their professional approach to ensuring that our band fits perfectly into the flow of your event. We plan with you (often in person) several months out so that we're lock-step with your big day's events and, if need be, will provide emcee services for introductions, announcements to ensure that the night goes exactly as planned.

Can The Shakedown play recorded music during my event when they aren’t performing? Yes. We bring a professional PA system which will easily play any iPod or form of recorded music.

Will the musicians that I hire be the same musicians who perform at my party? Kinda. Nash and Dustin are the core performers in The Shakedown. They also perform all management duties for The Shakedown. While we can ensure that a certain arrangement of instruments are featured at your event, The Shakedown which shows up at your event 18 months from now may have a few different faces from the one you saw at your friend's wedding last night. Given how far out we have to book events (often 8-18 months), we can't reliably ensure that the exact players you heard will be at your event. What we can ensure is that we will bring an exceptionally talented band that will have your guests raving for months to come.

Does The Shakedown take requests? Usually, with a few notes of caution. Keep in mind that The Shakedown is a dance band that works really hard to avoid 'the cheese.' What is 'the cheese?' Let's chat. We can help you think about that.

Does The Shakedown play rap music? Probably not. The Shakedown's singer (Nash) puts a tremendous amount of energy into his singing, which does not translate into rap skillz. You know that feeling where you are embarrassed for someone because they're clearly not capable of what they're trying to do? That's what it would be like to watch Nash rap. It wouldn't be pretty for anyone.

Does The Shakedown play Carolina Beach Music? While we certainly respect that the 'shag' is the state dance of North Carolina, there are a lot of really talented beach music bands that may be a better fit for your event if you are trying to shag the night away. The Shakedown is a little bit different. We know a little Chairmen of The Board and can pick up a number or two if it's a must.